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WENTWORTH Recruitment Research
Quick, inexpensive identification of excellent candidates...when you can do the rest...
using WENTWORTH data visualiztion tools.
Recruitment Research is just the candidate identification steps of a good recruiting process.  

Wentworth is pleased to deliver this service to companies who feel that they can handle candidate outreach, evaluation and hiring.  Companies may also find Research useful if they are curious if a certain talent set exists in the labor market, is affordable or is interested in their job.

You will receive the same candidate generation service we deliver to ourselves
with the same care and quality control.

We are happy to scale our research product to your needs.
  • name, title, geography, contact information 
  • all the above plus company affiliation
  • all the above plus telephone or email confirmation and compensation
  • all the above plus interest in considering your job
  • all the above plus vetting against 5 threshold requirements
  • all the above plus vetting against 10 or more threshold requirements

All evaluative data will be accompanied by a candidate qualification visualization, a talent map that vividly communicates the labor market to you.

Our research is supervised by our senior team, just as our recruiting is, ensuring that you receive the same care and insights that you would if you engaged a full search.

For more information, please contact 
Jon Cianci, VP of Sales
310 732 2359 /