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WENTWORTH Performance Optimization
Data and vivid visualization of data can reveal many organizational issues that might otherwise go undiscovered...and provide solutions to problems that seemed unsurmountable.
Data allow you to know what's going on and to manage it, often well beyond what you can do if you are not looking at data.

Wentworth's services are all based on quantifying activity and looking for patterns, problems and solutions.  We find that our vivid visualizations enhance the usefulness of what data tell us by making the problems and solutions leap off the page.

  • Why are you suffering low performance and high turnover?
Data can tell us whether the problem exists across the organization or is concentrated in one work group.  Each is a different problem with its own solution.  

Let's say it's concentrated in one work group, suggesting that the issue is perhaps one manager's hiring decisions.  

We can use our Hiring Decision Audit to look at the hiring decisions.  

Our tool will tell us if the decisions are the problem and, if they are, what to do about it.

We discover a different problem that can be solved with data every day.  We are sure you have one or two, yourself.

We'd be pleased to take a look for you.

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