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Our People - Roman Poplawski
Our goal is to provide a challenging but caring, safe and orderly working environment to all of our employees. This environment, we have found, stimulates high performance, thoughtfullness and caring, all of which are then delivered to our clients.
Director, Consulting Services

The Wentworth Company; San Pedro, CA
2011 - Present

Director, Consulting Services

Consulting for workforce analysis and design, job design, competency
modeling, recruitment and selection, selection interview training,
performance management systems, manager effectiveness training,
transition management, on-boarding, and executive coaching. 

Recent projects with L.A. Care, The Pilot Group, Bay Area Council for
Economic Investment, Remark Media.

EDIT Consulting and Counseling; San Pedro, CA / Coeur d’Alene, ID          
2007 – Present

Human Resource and Organizational Development Consultant

Human resource, organizational, workforce, employee effectiveness, employee
assistance, consulting; and mental health counseling. 

Draper City; Draper, UT  
2004 - 2007

Director (Consultant), Human Resources/Organizational Development

Responsible for assessing the functional strengths and weaknesses of organizational
structures and systems, and directing management problem solving to develop
process improvement solutions and metrics.  Responsible for HR strategic planning; policies
and procedures rewrite; staff recruitment, onboarding, and development; and labor and
employee relations. 

Webster University; St. Louis, MO; Satellite Campuses
2004 - Present

Associate Professor

Developed and taught graduate courses in Managerial Leadership, Organizational Development and Change, Human Resources Development, Mental Health and Career Counseling, Research and Measurement, and Applied Statistics. 

ECS; Waldron and Company; Seattle/Salt Lake City                                                                           
2002 – 2004

Senior Human Resource / Organizational Development Consultant

Human Resource and executive development/coaching consultant dedicated to
improving business performance through the analysis, design, and implementation of
human performance technologies, strategies and methods.

Brigade Corporation; San Francisco, CA, Chennai India    
2000 – 2002

Vice President, Corporate Human Resources (Multi-site / International)
Responsible for the strategic direction and execution of Human Resource processes for international customer service company with operations in the U.S, India, and Ireland (1000+).  Responsible for the consolidation/transition of HR operations and 750 customer service jobs from the United States to Chennai, India.  

Drake Beam Morin; Salt Lake City, UT
1998 – 2000
Senior Human Resource / Organizational Development Consultant

Responsible and accountable for increasing profits of H.R. consulting services
business within a four state region.  Responsible for development and management
of consultative relationships with senior Human Resource leaders within a diverse
group of major organizations.

Ramsey Health Care; Bountiful, UT                                                                         1989 – 1998

Director, Managed Mental Health Care

Responsible and accountable for the treatment of inpatient psychiatric patients (2000+ in 9 years), program and policy development, development of vendor relationships and negotiating service contracts, budgeting, recruitment of professional staff, development and delivery of psychiatric services, quality assurance, treatment success metrics, and process documentation. Responsible for a staff of 15 medical professionals and annual revenue of $2.5MM.

Provo Canyon Hospital; Provo, UT
1986 – 1988

Director, Adult Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Programs

Originally adult unit program director of an acute psychiatric hospital with a 24 bed psychiatric and 16 bed chemical dependency program.  Responsible for program development, staff recruitment, onboarding and management, performance assessment, staff development, treatment planning, disposition planning, and a case load that included individual, group and family therapy.  Served as the project manager for clinical services for the JCAHO accreditation survey and audits.




Ph.D. - Educational Psychology

             Major: Counseling, Minor: Organizational Psychology

MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, East Lansing Michigan                                                                                 

M.A. – Measurement and Program Evaluation

WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY – Detroit, Michigan                                                                                          

B. S.  – Education

             Major: Education

             Minors: Psychology; Mathematics

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