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Our People - Keith Halliday
Our goal is to provide a challenging but caring, safe and orderly working environment to all of our employees. This environment, we have found, stimulates high performance, thoughtfullness and caring, all of which are then delivered to our clients.
Very Senior Consultant and Mentor
Keith Halliday

For information about Keith and what he could do to help your company, please email John Wentworth 
Keith Halliday is the former Senior Vice President & General Manager of American Express Company’s charge card servicing and credit activities in the western region of the country and of the telephone servicing, Corporate Client, and Merchant servicing for the entire U. S.

In that role he oversaw an operations group of 4,500 employees, a $400 million annual expense budget, and a $5 billion accounts receivable portfolio. Also in this role, Keith led significant re-engineering and restructuring activities yielding savings exceeding $100mm in several activities.

Keith has extensive experience in organizational and leadership areas drawn from his career successes in leading twelve “turn-around” assignments to effective performance in short periods of time. In these endeavors he has also been successful in creating new organizational cultures, which drive employee satisfaction as a key success factor.

He has served in many cultures including international experience as American Express’ Vice President of operations for Europe, Middle East, and Africa for three years. Prior to American Express, Keith held senior leadership positions with Amfac Retail Department Stores group, Carte Blanche, and Montgomery Ward.

Since American Express, Keith has been active in consulting activities through Halliday Consulting. He specializes in executive mentoring, leadership effectiveness, visioning, strategy, organizational change, re-engineering, and quality achievement.