Hire the best.  Keep the best.

Not only are we reasonably priced, but you have more control of our costs than you do with any other recruiting vendor.
We offer you candidates other cannot find, very senior staff as partners, more in-depth and complete candidate analyses and more personal, caring support throughout the process than any other firm we or our clients know of.

Because we have engineered our process so thoroughly, our fees for single position or low volume recruiting are very reasonable, particularly in light of the quality of the candidate information you receive.

For volume recruiting, our cost to you just cannot be beaten.  We have driven all the IT recruiting for a client for 6% of salary and all the nurse recruiting for an HMO for under 4% of salary.

And you control how much we cost you.

We charge hourly.  We plan every project with event and cost targets.  We report in writing weekly regarding our progress against plan.  We give you a 30 second, no penalty cancellation clause.  You can influence the plan…reduce our services or increase our services…and cost…and even stop the project, at any time with no penalty.  

This is the only business arrangement in all of recruiting in which the interests of the clients and the vendor are aligned.

Our being on the same side of the table means that true partnership is possible.  Good recruiting can only happen when true partnership exists.

There is a catch, however: we both have to be good partners.  Many organizations are not used to being responsive and engaged partners.  It may take some getting used to, but the rewards are great candidates, on time, for half of what you would usually pay.

For more information, please contact 
Jon Cianci, VP of Sales
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