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WENTWORTH Executive Search

We offer our clients a unique, innovative and science-based approach to recruiting.  We deliver candidates carefully screened against 50 criteria and we deliver the precise information organizations need to make successful, sustainable hiring decisions.  Our high-touch service is managed by a PhD psychologist and/or former Vice Presidents of Human Resources.
Exceptional candidates evaluated quantitatively, providing an uncommon degree of insight into their future performance and stability.
Executive Search Services
Senior candidates cannot be successfully evaluated if the person doing the evaluation does not grasp the complexities and nuances or senior positions.  These same candidates cannot be approached successfully by someone who does not project that they understand those complexities and nuances.

Our senior staff has worked extensively at the Chief Human Resources Officer level, plus some are PhD psychologists.  

If we are asked to take on a search and if we do not feel that we can represent our client exceptionally, and do not feel that we can offer a laser-sharp evaluation by professional peers, we will not accept the assignment.

If we do accept the assignment, we will develop more than our usual 30-35 requirements if thoroughness demands more.  Our consultants will work as partners with you, bringing your talent options and choices to you, helping you narrow the pool into a final candidate panel. Everything we do is a partnership.

We will provide you more information that is more easily understood, better visualized, more perceptive, more thorough and more predictive of excellent performance and stability than virtually any other search firm.  You have significant control over our costs although, generally, they reflect the difficulty of the search.

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